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Tips on How to Care for Your New Spa

Congratulations on your new spa! Now that it is installed, it is important to take proper care of it so that it continues to function correctly and is ready for you to use anytime you want. Here are a few basic maintenance tips that you should follow.

Test the Water

The chemicals in the water of the spa need to be kept within certain ranges. You should test the water a couple of times each week to make sure the pH level is in the correct range. Incorrect levels of minerals can cause chlorine buildup and other problems to the filter.

Clean the Spa

It is a good idea to regularly drain your spa and clean the inside of it. This can be done with a nonabrasive cleaner that does produce suds. Use a soft rag to wipe the cleaner off.

Care for the Filters

You need to also check the filters. Often these can be sprayed out and then a filter cleaner can be used. However, you will need to replace them every couple of years for the best performance.
Keeping your spa clean and cared for is the best way to make sure it is ready for use anytime you want to soak in it. Call Mr. Pool of Pasco & Crystal River at 727-856-2778 to learn more about caring for your spa.