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How to Maintain Your Pool for Winter

You may not go swimming in your pool when it is freezing outside, but you still need to maintain it. Regular maintenance throughout the winter will ensure your pool is ready when you want to take a dip again. Here are a few things you can do to keep your pool clean. 

Continue Cleaning

Unless you get a pool cover, you can expect leaves and other pieces of debris to fall into your pool. If you go months without cleaning, then your pool is going to be a real mess when summer comes around again. Instead, you should remove debris regularly so that your pool remains sanitary. 

Remove Algae

The biggest concern with most pools is the development of algae. It can quickly escalate out of control. Fortunately, substances are available that kill algae. Look into getting it if you are concerned about the well-being of your pool. 

Inspect it Every so Often

Keep an eye on your pool’s filter and pump. These components can freeze during the winter and malfunction. Prevent damage from occurring in the first place, but if it has already happened, then look into getting replacement parts. 

When you are ready to do cannonballs again, you will be thankful you took care of a little basic maintenance. To ensure your pool gets the care it needs, call Mr. Pool of Pasco & Crystal River at 727-856-2778 to look into related services.