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Fresh Ideas for Beautifying an Aboveground Pool

Swimming pool with wooden deck
Aboveground pools are eminently practical. They don't require the upheaval in your yard that comes with digging a hole and filling it with concrete or fiberglass. The construction makes aboveground pools budget-friendly. They also tend to be easier to maintain.

However, many homeowners prefer the aesthetics of an in-ground pool. Get the best of both worlds by beautifying your aboveground pool's surroundings.

Prefabricated Pool Decks

One of the reasons aboveground pools are cost-effective is that they're prefabricated, which makes installation much easier. And since these pools come in predetermined sizes and shapes, manufacturers can also prefabricate the surrounding decks. These units typically consist of aluminum, PVC, and outdoor carpeting and feature decks, stairs, and fencing.

Prefabricated pool decks come in different styles. You can choose from different color schemes and rail styles. You can also have the sides around the raised deck left open or enclosed. Typically, homeowners incorporate landscaping around the decking for more integration with the rest of the yard.

Incorporated Wooden Decking

A popular practice even with aboveground pools is to build wooden decking around it. Besides creating a convenient space for walking around the pool, such decking also adds aesthetic value to the area.

Probably the easiest and most budget-friendly option is to have the contractors fit the pool with a hardwood surround. They can incorporate a lip for sitting on the edge of the pool. The contractors can likewise provide a walkway for around the pool. They can also build wooden stairs that lead to the ladder going inside the pool.

A slightly more involved idea is to build up wooden decking around the pool. In this case, the floor of the decking will be on the same level as the lip of the pool. This style simulates the look of an in-ground pool without all the digging and specialized construction.

If you opt for the raised decking, you have some different options in construction. You can incorporate the pool as an extension of a raised patio if that fits with your house's layout. The raised pool area can also be its own destination within your yard.

Brick or Stone Surrounds

You can outfit aboveground pools with a surround the way you would a hot tub or bathtub, just on a larger scale. Typically, these surrounds are veneers, which means the contractors use thin-cut brick or stone pressed into mortar. Your contractors can add mortar in the cracks or leave them natural.

Contractors can also build up walls of brick or stone around the aboveground pool. This construction provides a sturdier surround. With this style, you have more space to extend out from the pool. You can use this extension for seating or even lounging.

Your choice in brick or stone depends largely on the rest of your hardscaping. Whenever possible, you want your pool surround to match, or at least act cohesively, with other hardscaping in your yard. So, if you have flagstone in your pathway, you may choose a stone surround.

Concrete Surrounds

Another sturdy surround style is one made of concrete. In fact, concrete is such an adaptable material that you have many style options.

Concrete may be the style you choose even if you want a stone or brick veneer. The contractors can build out with the concrete and then cover the exterior with the veneer. This construction is also ideal if you want tile work for your surround.

Left alone, concrete can present an ultra-modern profile. You can enhance this look by adding wooden boards. The boards can jut out from the edge of the surround like an abstract sculpture. You can also have the boards inlaid in the concrete as design detailing.

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