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8 Reasons to Choose an Aboveground Pool

Above Ground Pool

If you live in Florida, a pool is a part of everyday living. When weighing the pros and cons of investing in a pool for your property, visit and speak with to pool professionals at area retailers to learn more about the best options. You may also want to consider eight compelling reasons why aboveground swimming pools can be better options and make more sense than in-ground pools for Florida homeowners.

1. Time

When do you want to swim in your pool? If you plan on an in-ground pool, plan on it taking at least two months to complete or even much longer depending on the terrain and contractor that you work with. If you want to swim this weekend, an aboveground pool is a great option.

2. Safety

Aboveground pools are safer to monitor and prevent accidents. Barricading and preventing access to an aboveground swimming pool is easier than containing an entire backyard and in-ground pool. In addition, you will probably never experience someone accidentally stepping in the pool as they navigate your yard or green space.

Do you have pets at home? With an aboveground pool, you can worry much less about them falling in the water when left unsupervised.

3. Problems

Mother Nature poses many potential problems with in-ground pools that you do not have to worry about with aboveground options. For instance, frost can cause the ground to heave, which make crack your pool liner and cost a lot to resolve.

4. Maintenance

Are you prepared to maintain and treat your in-ground pool daily? In-ground pools require much effort to upkeep. Hiring a pool professional to come clean, treat, and clear your pool is easy, but this can cost more. You can cover your aboveground pool or drain it and take it down if problems ensue or you do not have time to bother with it.

5. Cost

The real distinction between aboveground and in-ground swimming pools is the cost. Aboveground pools are far cheaper and still have a wide range of options, upgrades, and features.

6. Mobility

In-ground pools are a permanent fixture in the home, and if you ever decide to fill in or get rid of the pool, this will cost money. Aboveground pools are temporary and have the potential of moving them later if you wish.

7. Construction

When you break ground on your in-ground pool, you should know that your home could become a dirty and chaotic construction site. An in-ground pool is a major project that can be long and difficult depending on the terrain. Aboveground pools are devoid of the stressful construction, potential permit delays, and headaches that can come along because of the construction and delays.

8. Nostalgia

While many people associate an in-ground pool with success and wealth, you have a sense of sentimentality and nostalgia that comes with an aboveground pool for anyone who grew up in the 70s and 80s. An aboveground pool has a very retro vibe and elicits fond memories for those that remember these from childhood.

Homes in Florida will get year-round usage of their pool, making it a prudent investment in the overall value of their property. Homeowners in other climates may want to consider alternative approaches and amenities, like hot tubs.

Are you still on the fence about the right pool for your home? Talk to the pool professionals at Mr. Pool Inc of Pasco & Crystal River to learn more about why an aboveground swimming pool makes the most sense for you. Do not go another day without your own backyard oasis to enjoy and relish in the Florida heat.